Accident In Car Park When Reversing

How to Exit a Parking Spot – 90 Degrees and Parallel
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Here’s a video about little details, but little details that fail a lot of people at the exam, or even cause a lot of mishaps in everyday life, so here it is. “How to exit a parking spot”. Both for 90 degrees parking and parallel.
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Note: While I try to make my videos as universal as possible, rules and laws may vary according to the place where you’re driving and might be different from the ones in this video. Always drive according to the laws and rules that apply to the place where you are driving. Requirements at the driving exam may also be different than the ones shown here. Always respect the requirements that apply to the place where you are passing your driving exam. This video is not meant to replace your official driving courses. The size of vehicles vary a lot, so you might have to make some adjustments depending on the size of your vehicle and the vehicle you’re parking or unparking next to. Always do your verifications to make sure you’re not getting too close to the other vehicles, people that might be passing by or any other obstacles before each maneuver